Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hotel Improvement

Did anyone here watch Home Improvement? Snicker if you will, but I enjoyed that show. When a quality rerun comes on in the afternoon—like when he brought the suit-in-a-bag to Jill's high school reunion—I will still sit and watch.

Anyhow, Myson, a company known for its heating products, just introduced a new product that flashed me back to the Man's Bathroom episode. Remember that one? Tim created a bathroom on Tool Time for men that had such amenities as a reclining toilet and a TV. I remember thinking as a lad, "Wow! A TV in the bathroom? That is the greatest thing ever!" This thought is based mostly on a personal maxim that still holds true, which is: TV is awesome. Well, 11-year-old Chris, the greatest thing ever is now a reality with Myson's Reflection mirror/TV combination.

I can't vouch for if the product works. I don't know if the mirror is that clear or if the picture on the TV is that visible (it's magnetically secured to the back and is only seen when you turn it on), and I'm not even sure if it's entirely necessary. But what I am sure of is that TV is always enjoyable, and any time TV is implemented in a way I haven't previously seen before (like when I first saw a restaurant that had TVs in the floor), I will make sure to applaud the innovation. Televisions usually make or break my experience somewhere. So, if you're like me and feel that TV is greatest thing ever, maybe you should get Myson's Reflection as a stylish/functional/entertainment amenity for your hotel or spa.

Or maybe you should get it because once you were a 11-year-old who dreamed of having his own Man's Bathroom.

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