Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poll shows positive outlooks

Eighty percent of voters in a recent HotelTalk poll think the current hotel industry downturn won't have long-lasting effects.
More specifically, 40 percent responded that "It's a cyclical industry and this is just the typical dip," and an equal amount responded that "The industry will recognize rate parity and use revenue management and marketing strategies to come out unscathed."
Only 20 percent of voters said industry fundamentals are in trouble as supply and demand numbers grow so disproportionately.

The question no one can answer is when things will start looking up.
Peter Willis, SVP of hotel acquisitions for The Kor Group, said we haven't seen the full extent of the downturn yet.
"Corporate accounts are actively out to bid," he said. "Our current challenges with the economy were likely not recognizable far enough in advance for property level annual budgeting to capture, especially given the dramatic rise in costs—energy, food/water, fuel for air lift and the downsizing of airline carriers to certain destinations."

Thanks to all who voted in the HotelTalk poll.

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