Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A good night for hotels in Chicago

Tuesday night, Nov. 5, was a good night for hotels in and around Chicago, where Barack Obama held what turned out to be his presidential victory party in Grant Park. Across the country, John McCain held his election-night event at the Arizona Biltmore, a resort the hotel industry knows very well as host of the annual Lodging Conference.

Two stories that caught my eye this morning focus on Chicago hotel occupancy. Check out this post from Washington Wire, The Wall Street Journal's political blog. About half of one prominent hotel overlooking the Grant Park celebration was booked by Chicago residents, the GM said.

Then look at this article from the Chicago Tribune, talking about how many local families made a night of it, staying overnight in hotels to experience the excitement of an election.

Finally, I really enjoyed this story posted on, an Arizona talk-radio program Web site. It's all about how the staff at the Biltmore prepared for the election-night party.

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