Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hotels better prepared?

Sometimes chaos has a silver lining, and for the hotel industry--especially in the Gulf Coast--that comes in the form of disaster preparedness. Over the last few days I noticed several articles addressing how hotels and motels prepared for Gustav's potential Katrina-like forces.

This time it seems Gulf Coast hoteliers knew better what to expect in terms of their own preparedness and to maximize business for people who need rooms.

Click here for an article from titled "For New Orleans, Business Unusual."

This post, from the LA Times' Daily Travel & Deal Blog (a good read any day of the year), names the independent and branded properties in New Orleans that closed and stayed open.

And for the historical perspective, here are a few articles from Hotel & Motel Management on post-Katrina hotel business in the Gulf Coast:
"Hotels struggle to replace Katrina-related business," H&MM, May 15, 2006
"Industry expects to rebound from Katrina's devastation," H&MM, Oct. 3, 2005

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