Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not a room for a technophobe

CityCenter's ARIA Resort and Casino, slated to open in late 2009, claims that its rooms will be the most technologically advanced in the U.S. That's a pretty big claim, but the list of what they're planning is impressive. Here's a look at what they're implementing to make it happen:

The guestroom experience
• As guests approach their room or suite, it will recognize if it is their first time in the room and “greet” them as they enter. Light will fill the room, the curtains part to showcase the spectacular city or mountain views, and the TV will turn on to display a list of automated controls for guests to personalize.

• Seamless, integrated one-touch control of guestroom features, including lighting, room temperature, television/video systems, music, wake-up calls, draperies and requests for services through a single remote control. Each nightstand also will feature a 7-inch panel with touch-screen technology that navigates the same room settings as the remote. All settings will be remembered.
• Guests can select “scenes” matching their mood or preference, which modify all settings at once. For example, each room will feature a “good night” button next to the bed. With one touch, guests can turn off the lights, TV and/or music; shut the curtains; and turn on the privacy notification for the room.

• All guestrooms will have keyless locks utilizing RFID technology, which enables guests to unlock the door by flashing their key over the lock sensor. The electronic key cannot be demagnetized, thus reducing key failure.

• Each room will include a 42-inch LCD HDTV that allows guests to connect their laptop and enjoy a big-screen monitor; watch a multitude of domestic and international channels in rich high-definition quality; plug in video devices such as game consoles or cameras; control room automation; and enjoy their MP3 players.

• The television also will serve as a convenient communications center; when on, the TV will automatically display messages pertaining to new voicemails or package receipts and more.

• The classic clock radio will be replaced with TV settings that can wake guests up gradually through controlled temperature, lighting, curtain opening and preferred music, delivering a subtle and more soothing wake-up experience.

Wired and Wireless
• All guestrooms will be networked with fiber offering one gigabit of bandwidth; wireless Internet connectivity will be up to 8 times faster (128 kilobytes) than the average U.S. guestroom today.

• All in-room devices also will be on the network, enabling the property to easily “communicate” with the room to perform special requests or maintenance. Whether a remote needs new batteries or a MiniBar needs replenishing, most needs can be identified and resolved before the guest is even aware.

• CityCenter will have the largest Distributed Antenna System in the world, covering more than 14 million square feet. More than 6,500 antennas coupled with over 2,900 wireless access points will enable WiFi not only in every room but also anywhere on the CityCenter campus.

Sustainable Choices
• Green settings on the room’s remote system will allow guests the opportunity to voluntarily “green their stay” by indicating their preferred light level, room temperature and frequency of linen and towel changes.

• Systems also can be programmed to automatically put a room into unoccupied status upon checkout—turning down or off the heating/cooling system, televisions, lights and any appliances.

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Amy said...

I love this room. I would love to work for this Hotel. The room is beautiful.